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How to Use Magic-Zymes: Boats and RV's

Boats and RV's

For boats and RV's we recommend using
Magic-Zymes Marine & RV.

Magic-Zymes Marine & RV is safe to apply to any surface in your boat, RV or car. It can be applied directly to carpets, seats, doors, or any surface that is an odor source.

Magic-Zymes Marine & RV is great for getting rid of that gasoline or diesel smell after refueling. Just spray some odor remover on your hands, rub it in, and let air dry. That nasty fuel smell will be gone.

Detailing your boat or RV with Magic-Zymes Marine & RV keeps it clean and odor free. To eliminate a persistent odor, use a commercial fogger to deodorize the surfaces and the air.

Next, hand-spray the walls, furniture, crevices, cushions, and corners where the fogger could not reach. Within 2 hours, the smells will be gone. If the odor persists, you will be able to find the source of the odor and eliminate it using the most appropriate methods described on this page.

Magic-Zymes Marine & RV can be used to control fuel odors in the bilge of your boat, and odors from holding tanks in boats and RVs. Adding 10 oz of Magic-Zymes Marine & RV to the bilge or holding tanks will eliminate any odors.

Magic-Zymes Marine & RV can be sprayed in fish lockers to eliminate stale fish odors. This all natural odor remover is entirely safe, you can spray it on your hands after cleaning fish to get rid of those nasty odors.

When you shrink wrap your boat or put your RV in storage for the winter, pour some Magic-Zymes Marine & RV in an open container and place it in the center of the boat or RV. You'll start the next boating season without that musty "stored" odor. No need to worry about freezing temperatures. Freezing does not affect Magic-Zymes Marine & RV; after the product thaws out it will work as well as ever.