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How to Use Magic-Zymes: Cooking odors and other odors around the home

Cooking Odors and Other Odors around the Home

Magic-Zymes is great for getting rid of all odors and smells around the house. For example, you can eliminate cooking odors simply by spraying Magic-Zymes in the air. Burned popcorn smell in the microwave? Just spray Magic-Zymes inside the microwave and into the surrounding air. The offending odor will be gone.

Do your hands smell of garlic or onion after preparing dinner? Spray some Magic-Zymes on your hands, rub it in and let your hands dry air dry. The garlic or onion smell will be gone in minutes.

Magic-Zymes also works really well by evaporation. Pour some Magic-Zymes in a small open container and place this on a shelf in your bathroom to keep the bathroom smelling fresh and clean. No need for expensive plug-ins or bathroom air fresheners that only mask the odors anyway. The evaporation method is also a great way to get rid of tobacco smoke in the home.

If you want your entire house to smell fresh, you can use the forced-air heating & cooling system to distribute Magic-Zymes. Remove the grille from one of the cold air return ducts, place a dish of Magic-Zymes inside the duct, and replace the grille.

Now, every time the heater or air conditioner system runs it will circulate Magic-Zymes throughout the house. You can also spray the furnace filter with Magic-Zymes to get the same results.