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How to Use Magic-Zymes: Carpets


Magic-Zymes completely eliminates urine odors from carpeting. First, locate the source of urine odor, by either sight or smell. You may want to use a fluorescent black light, which will show the outline of the urine stain if not readily visible. Black light causes the proteins in the urine to glow, making them visible in the dark.  You can buy a black light in most pet stores.

Keep in mind that the spot on the bottom of the carpet will be several times larger than the spot on the top because the backing of the carpet acts like a wick.

If your pet has been urinating in the same spot over a long period of time and the padding does not have a liquid-resistant "skin" surface, the padding will have absorbed the urine.  It remains an odor source if not treated properly with Magic-Zymes.

Pour Magic-Zymes directly on the spot, straight from the bottle. You should apply enough to make the carpet wet to the touch. This assures that Magic-Zymes reaches the odor source. Magic-Zymes will soak into the carpet, pad, and underlayment, destroying the odor producing molecules.

Allow the carpet to air dry (this may take 24 hours) - do not use a fan or blow dryer. With this method, no more than two applications should be needed to eliminate the odor permanently.

Finally, you can add 4 oz of Magic-Zymes to the cleaning solution for your carpet-cleaning machine to freshen up anytime you clean.