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How to Use Magic-Zymes: Skunk odors

Skunk Odors

To remove skunk odors from your pet, we recommend using extra strength
Magic-Zymes SKUNK.

Pour the odor remover directly on your pet's fur everywhere it was skunked and rub it in. Magic-Zymes SKUNK will start working immediately. Allow your pet's coat to air dry.

Next, add 4 oz of Magic-Zymes SKUNK to a shampoo solution and bathe your pet as usual. After bathing, and while your pet is still wet, work more Magic-Zymes SKUNK into the pet's coat.  Do not rinse it off and let your pet's fur air dry to allow the enzymes in Magic-Zymes SKUNK to destroy the odor molecules.

If your pet was sprayed in the face, dip a cotton swab in Magic-Zymes SKUNK and gently swab each nostril to remove the skunk odor.