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How to Use Magic-Zymes: Litterboxes and Cages

Litter Boxes and Pet Cages

Magic-Zymes can be sprayed directly in litter boxes and cages. You can also add Magic-Zymes to the cleaning solution you use to wash out the litter pan. Do not use with a cleaning solution that contains bleach.

When you put fresh litter in the box, spray it with Magic-Zymes to prevent odors. You can also pour some Magic-Zymes in an open container, such as one of our glass jar diffusers, and place it on a shelf near the litter box, allowing Magic-Zymes to evaporate into the air.

Magic-Zymes attacks and eliminates the odor producing molecules emitted from the litter box.  Magic-Zymes contains no solvents, alcohol, or harmful chemicals - it will not harm your pets.