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Decorative Odor Removing Gel Pearls

How does Magic-Zymes gel pearls work you ask. The secret is that they are made up of super absorbent polymers. This means the gel pearls contain several smaller molecules joined together. The Magic-Zymes is absorbed in the spaces between the molecules allowing the gel pearls to grow to as much as 150 x their original weight.

Hydrate either the multi gel pearls (1/2 teaspoon) or clear gel pearls (count 20-25 pearls) for 1 cup of gel pearls in a separate bowl with about 1 1/2 cups Magic-Zymes for 24 hours and use a colander to drain off the excess Magic-Zymes which you can put back into the container for later uses. Place the gel pearls in a jar or vase to create a very effective and decorative odor remover. The pearls evaporate Magic-Zymes into the air to eliminate any unwanted odors.

One bag of multi or clear gel pearls makes about 8-9 cups of pearls when hydrated.
A complete set of instructions is included with each order.

Try these amazing gel pearls and don't forget to order a bottle of Magic-Zymes Odor Remover.

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Magic-Zymes gel pearls
Gel Pearls
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These gel pearls make a decorative odor remover.
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