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Magic-Zymes Odor Eliminator - FAQs

Q - How long has Magic-Zymes been around?

A – Magic-Zymes was invented in the early ‘80s by a Native American of the Cree tribe who still makes it today. It was originally invented to control odors in a waste-water treatment plant in New Jersey.

Q – How does Magic-Zymes work to eliminate odors?

A – Magic-Zymes contains multiple enzymes that attack the molecules that cause odors; destroying them so they can no longer produce odors regardless of the smell they generate, both acceptable and unacceptable. Magic-Zymes is NOT a mask that merely covers up an unacceptable odor with an acceptable one.

Q – How safe is Magic-Zymes?

A – Magic-Zymes is a completely GREEN biodegradable product that is totally non-toxic and is safe for use around people, animals, and plants. It contains no harsh chemicals. It is a Trade Secret blend of 17 botanicals along with a micro blend of natural surfactants. It is so safe it can be sprayed around birds, an animal that has the most sensitive respiratory system in the animal kingdom. Accidental ingestion will NEVER require the services of medical personnel.

Q – Is there any odor Magic-Zymes will not eliminate?

A – No. Following the directions in the Magic-Zymes booklet will allow it to eliminate any odor encountered. In fact, Magic-Zymes is guaranteed to work. However, sometimes there are situations that might require a slightly different way of using it. That is why we provide a toll free number (866-478-2368) to call when difficult odor problems are encountered. We are available 24/7 to work with our users to make sure Magic-Zymes works every time it is used.

Q – Does Magic-Zymes have to be sprayed to be used?

A – No. A unique feature of Magic-Zymes is that it will work to get rid of unwanted odors by merely evaporating in the area where the unwanted odor exists.

Q – Are there any restrictions where Magic-Zymes cannot be applied?

A – No. Magic-Zymes will not stain or change the color of any surface where it is applied. This applies to such fragile materials as Nu-buck suede, leather, silk, and cashmere. As a matter of fact, Magic-Zymes is safe enough to be sprayed on your hands to get rid of such common odors as gasoline, onion, garlic, or fish odors.

Q – Can Magic-Zymes be used in washing machines, rug shampooers, etc.?

A - Yes. Washing clothes with Magic-Zymes in the washing machine (either with the soap or in place of liquid softeners) will rid all washed items of unwanted odors. Using Magic-Zymes in a rug shampooer will freshen up the carpet and rid it of stale odors it might contain. Magic-Zymes has also been successfully used in power washers.

Q – Will Magic-Zymes rid an area of smoking odors where it occurs?

A – Yes. Pre-treat the area by spraying walls, ceiling, and furniture with Magic-Zymes and then placing an open container of Magic-Zymes in the room will rid it of residual smoke odors. This also applies to cars, trucks and RVs that have been smoked in.

Q – Will Magic-Zymes rid areas of musty odors?

A – Yes, regardless of whether it exists in homes, boats, or RVs. In fact with regard to the latter, Magic-Zymes can be used in holding tanks to control unwanted odors.

Q – Is Magic-Zymes subject to freezing and what happens to it if this happens?

A – Yes. Magic-Zymes is subject to freezing if it is exposed to extended periods of temps below 32o. If this occurs, merely allow Magic-Zymes to come to room temperature and shake or stir to assure no ingredients have settled out. In NO way will the freeze/thaw occurrence have any effect Magic-Zymes’s performance. This is why you can leave open containers in boats or RVs that are stored out of doors over the winter. This will insure the elimination the stale or musty smells that are there when they are opened up for use the following season.

Q - Is there a MSDS available for Magic-Zymes?

A - Yes, if you are required to have this document, a copy will be provided by placing your request at